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Pastor Mark Holland
Welcome to our website. We hope you will find it informative and helpful...

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Pastor Mark Holland. My wife, Lynn and I are originally from South Carolina, have been married for thirty-eight years, have been in the ministry for 32 years and we have three adult daughters.

Here is my story: When I was a child I was taken to church by my parents and grandparents. But when I reached my teens I decided I was no longer interested in church and I quit going. By my late teens, I was deeply involved in the “rock” culture (rebellion, drugs, etc...) and some minor trouble with the law. In spite of this I still had a deep appreciation for the values that were instilled in me as a child.

By 1978 I was married and we were expecting our first child. I had embarked on a career as a firefighter and we attended church only occasionally. As the birth of our baby approached my wife and I thought it would be nice to raise our children with the values that “religion” could give. At the invitation of neighbors, we visited Trinity Baptist Church in Spartanburg, SC, then pastored by the late, Dr. Dennis Carter. I really enjoyed the direct approach and compelling nature of the messages; so we began to go more often. It was there that I was first confronted with the true Gospel message, and after a few months I gave my heart to the Lord Jesus Christ and was born again.

My career goal at the time, was to become the Chief of a large municipal Fire Department. And in 1982, I was fervently pursuing that goal. But, by then, we had also gotten heavily involved in our church. In August of 1982 I was ordained as a Deacon.
This caused me to begin to consider what other designs God might have on my life. I began to understand that the eternal flames of Hell are of much greater concern to man than any temporal calamity. I sensed that God was calling me to another kind of rescue (“to snatch them in pity from Hell and the grave...”) by preaching the Gospel. And after wrestling with the matter for a few months I surrendered to God and His "career goal” for me. I withdrew from Paramedic School and enrolled in Bible College.

Today: I am unapologetically an old-fashioned, Bible-Believing Baptist preacher. I’m a traditional Fundamentalist with a pre-tribulation, pre-millennial perspective. I use only the King James Version of the Bible, believing it to be translated from superior manuscripts.

The Lord has graciously blessed me in allowing me to be a Pastor. I am eager to see the lost come to Christ, and I love teaching and preaching his word. I am “called” to proclaim the Word of God and I am convinced that it is relevant today. And one of my greatest joys is in seeing believers grow into a fulfilling and victorious relationship with God. My primary ministry objective is to see lives changed by the power of God.

The Lord is “at work” here at FBCM. And we hope that you, if you have not already, will come and worship with us soon - That you might “Discover the Difference” at First Baptist Church of Matlacha.